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  1. I learnt about this restaurat back in January throug the Iris Times, which gave very good reviews. We went to try an were very pleasantly surprised. I must point out that I have travelled immensely around the world and I have had variety of dishes in all the countries I have been, always trying different restaurants and I must write/say that INDIE DHABA specialises in delicious exotic and different type of Indian food not to mention the fantastic cocktel bar . Furthermore the service is none to one and the price is certainly surprising, very good value for money. We have been dining there since and will cotinue going in the future. I highly recommend this lovely restaurat to anyone who likes to enjoy good Indian food, well served in a very friendly manner and in a good ambiance.

    • Yes absolutely fantastic Beatriz, we will be back and I have recommended it all my friends. It is definitely special. x

  2. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your wonderful review. It’s great to hear your experience with us was good. Thank you for all the kind words. Hope to see you back very soon 🙂

    Mongolian BBQ

  3. I’m a 15 year old ,vegan girl from Germany and love your blog. Today one of my teacher showed me the opportunity to get a tripstipend and I really liked the idea from the first minute. It means that I get 600 € for four weeks , at least. I have to travel on my own and write a review after it about a self chosen topic and I would like to write about vegans in Ireland. Because 600€ is not that much for four weeks it would be amazing if I could live with you one week or more and help with the house, and cooking or whatever you like.
    please contact me : eibec@gmx.de

    Kind regards
    Yours Eileen

    • Hello Eileen. That would not be possible as I do not have the space.

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