Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | May 3, 2015


In my mission to find good BYOB restaurants in Dublin, as Im sick of paying 25 euro for mediocre wine in a restaurant, I happened upon Bliss.  To be honest, looking at the prices etc, I thought it was going to be very much a casual cafe. I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found. I love Montague Street. Again, move a little away from Grafton Street and you find unique fabulous restaurants that are so much more affordable.  There are a few other restaurants on this street which is a street between Harcourt and Camden Street. When I rang the cafe and asked about vegan options, they were extremely helpful and accommodating. They actually had loads of vegan and vegi options on their menu but as we were going out with our fussy teens and they hate ordering off the menu, I had to check everything.  The restaurant is much bigger than I thought, a veritable tardis. We were guided into the back part of the restaurant and noted there was another room off this where a large party were waiting and having drinks until they were seated in the front area.  We had bruschetta to start.  It was very nice but it was more of a sundried tomato paste and I have to say nothing beats fresh tomatoes, basil, olive oil and garlic for me when it comes to same. I ordered a vegi chilli for my mains. It came down beautifully presented with rice on the side. The flavours were aromatic, really delicious and a hearty chunky chilli it was.  The other 3 members of my family, my husband and two daughters ordered rice with grilled veg and teryiaki sauce.   This was absolutely delicious as well. They also had a vegan curry and a ratatoullie wrap.  Adding some vegan pasta dishes to the menu would be fantastic. I loved this place. It reminded me of a little Parisian restaurant.  Unbelievably, the mains were only 8.95 and the starters 3.95 and BYOB with no corkage.  This a fantastic find, minutes from Grafton Street.  It has its own unique vibe. Staff are so friendly and helpful. Food is amazing and its brilliant value.  I will return again and again.



  1. “I thought it was going to be very much as casual cafe” ???

    • Shut up Maxted. Im typing blindly on a dinosaur computer here. NO time for editing!

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