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I went to a matinee in the Gate yesterday with John and we wanted to grab a cheap and cheerful bite afterwards. Both our girls were dining out, one in Galway and the other with her boyfriend’s family in Rathgar, so were in no hurry home and certainly did not want to cook. I did, what I usually do on these occasions, and looked up Menupages Dublin Deals. Menupages is fantastic. I have been doing reviews on it for years and you can accumuluate points every time you book a restaurant or do a review. The deals are particularly good because you dont have to use up points to avail of them. Another reason why I like it is because in a way the restaurant chooses you rather than the other way around and you go to places you would normally go to. I looked through the Dublin Deals on and found a good one in Camden Street. I have always loved this street, it has a rough and tumble feel to it with an eclectic mix of businesses. We decided to purchase the Surma Deal and headed in.

The restaurant was lovely, nice and cosy with lovely ethnic touches and a glass portion of the ceiling with gentle blue light shining down. Candles were lit and the music was very relaxing, nice chilled Indian sounds emitting. I produced my voucher which I had paid 18 euro for. For this small stipend, we were able to order a sharing plate of starters, 2 main courses and rice. Complimentary poppadoms arrived down to our table and the waitress recognised us immediately from the odd sojourn to the Tulsi Indian across the road from us. I guffawed as John reminded me of the time I stood on her toes when I was wearing stilleto heels. Foolishy, I thought it a good idea to remind her of this incident, before the food arrived! Luckily, she seemed to harbour no grudge.

Having eaten the deliciously light poppadoms accompanied by chilli sauce and a garnish of onions and cucumbers, our sharing plate arrived. The food was beautifully presented and we had four starters between us delivered on a plate with salad. I do find Indian food can be very heavy, especially the starters, but these starters were deliciously light and flavoursome, they consisted of veg samosa, onion bhaji, okra in batter and a mouthwatering potato cake. The flavours were fantastic and there was a fabulous variety of same. We sipped our house Cabernet Savignon, which was lovely, noted two young girls in the corner who mentioned to the waitress that they were also vegan and a group from Canada who were ordering vegetarian. It was so lovely to see. Our mains arrived. We ordered sag aloo, a spinach and potatoe dish and mixed vegetables accompanied by boiled rice. The spinach and potatoe dish was delightfully light and moist, no chunky gritty taste here like this dish sometimes can be. The vegetables again were light and delicious with a fabulous smattering of broccoli, green beans,
surma 3
carrots and chick peas, cauliflower and potatoe.
surma 1

We have never been to Surma before but we will certainly go back. I think it would be fabulous if they did what many other restaurants do and offered a BYOB option with no corkage. We were well sated after our meal without feeling stuffed. There was no problem veganising the vegi food for us and the food was very light and healthy. I have found myself in the past ordering Indian takeout and only being able to eat a few mouthfulls because the food is weighed down with oil. Having paid in advance 18 euro for the food, our bill came to a mere 18.50 for the wine. We shall return.

Surma 2



  1. Potato has no e on the end!

  2. Sounds wonderful! I wonder if they deliver to Canada?

    • Ha ha Laura, it would add a lot to the price! xx

  3. Well written,makes a nice change to read a comprehensive review of a place rathe than just a food critique 🙂

  4. Yes, wonderful food and a great atmosphere. Will certainly return.

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