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This weekend was much ado about Dylan McGrath, Celeb Chef. It was not meant to be. It just kind of happened that way. Sarah is 19 tomorrow and we are going out for a family meal next week when John gets paid, but I wanted to have a meal and time with her this weekend. On Friday John was going to a BBQ in work and Jessie was out with friends so I decided to take Sarah out for dinner after I finished work. She said she wanted to go for some healthy food so I searched for same on the net. I was quite surprised when Rustic Stone came up on the list. It is more renowned as a carnist place and we all know that chefs, especially the more famous, hate vegans and vegetarians!!. We perused the menu and it was amazing. We turned up at 5.30 on Friday and were seated at the end of this beautiful eatery. As I stared at the wall, I decided to ask for a window seat because I would rather stare at people passing by than a wall, that’s just how I roll!!. We were seated at the window and looked through the menu. We ordered a lime infused salad with coconut milk dressing, which was apparently the small portion but was huge, bulgar wheat with orange segments, battered cauliflower in coconunt milk sauce, and herb infused mashed sweet potatoe and an 8 bean salad. All of these were very reasonably priced. In fact our five dishes plus dessert only cost 30 euro and we realised afterwards we had never looked at the Raw Menu, so we will definitely try that another time. The food was absolutely fantastic, full of flavour and such imagination and style put into it. The atmosphere was fabulous and the restaurant was full by the time we left at around 7.30. No surprises there, it certainly has a winning combination. Sarah ordered vegan dessert which was slices of oat cookie with dark chocolate and kiwi. I had told them when I was booking that it was her birthday so a plate also came down with Happy Birthday Sarah written in dark chocolate and a candle in a souffle. I did mention to the waiter that more cookie and less chocolate would be a better combination. We were delighted with out meal. The staff are so well trained and extremely efficient and pleasant. We will certainly return to this eatery in the near future and I applaud them for such exciting vegan options.

courr 13

The next day I was meeting a gang of friends for lunch and we were then heading off for some drinks afterwards. I wanted to get an outside space but where could I find an outside space for 14 people that I could book? The answer came to me immediately, Dylan McGrath’s Fade Street Social, the Courtyard Bar. This is an amazing space on the first floor of this restaurant. An outdoor courtyard with music and an atmosphere reminiscent of holidays in Spain with a beautiful view of the city’s architecture. I absolutely adore this place and we had a fabulous time there. They have a very exciting cocktail lists and many different craft beers. I tasted one of my friend’s coconut beers and will definitely be ordering it the next time I am here. My friend Heather pointed out Dylan McGrath to me. I was surprised at how young looking he was. I decided to go over to him and congratulate him on his vegan options in Rustic Stone. He laughed and said “We are ready for you vegans.”. This guy is an astute business man who runs extremely interesting venues. He has his finger on the pulse of things and he knows that vegans live longer than carnists so he is definitely doing his best to feed us customers who will be going into his establishments for an average of 15 years longer than the people who are eating his animals on stone!!. In fact, a Raw Bar is opening upstairs in Rustic Stone soon. Its wonderful to see chefs actually recognising and catering for vegans, but they are doing it because they know veganism is on the increase and it makes great business sense. I applaud Dylan for the job he is doing and for the diversity of his establishments and the design and training of his staff. I will certainly be heading back to The Rustic Stone and The Courtyard Bar. Long may they reign supreme as trendy but inexpensive and interesting eateries in our fabulous capital City.





  1. Love reading your blogs Susan, they are interesting to the point and very well written!

    • Thanks very much Deirdre. Must catch up with yourself and Judy for a vino again when you are up in Dublin. xx

  2. Thanks Dee. xxx

  3. Rustic Stone sounds really helpful and a cool venue!

  4. Rustic Stone sounds good. Well done Dylan McGrath, and I like the sound of a new vegan food bar too!! Keep it up guys!

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