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beardoro1Dublin is not short of Italian Restaurants, let’s face it. There are a lot of casual Italian eateries around the town. However, this is a bit different, its a more upmarket establishment but affordably priced and the food is excellent. Its located on St Stephen’s Green, with a few seats on the outside and a restaurant in the basement. The architecture all around is amazing and nice wine bars and restaurants are located on this lovely part of the green. The minute you walk inside past all the awards into this elegant white tableclothed space, you know you are walking into a stylish quality restaurant. They have been offering a 16 euro 2 course lunch for a long time, which is quite remarkable, but now it has been even more affordable by the addition of a BYOB policy with no corkage on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

My friend Dorothy was home from UK visiting her sick dad and our other friend Mary took the day off work so the three amigos wanted to head out for a day out. Finding somewhere good that is not expensive is my forte, needs must and all that, so I came armed with 2 bottles of cheap but nice plonk from LIDL. 5.49 each, so many restaurants charge about 25 euro for basic wines, so this is a big plus and really makes a difference to the bill at the end of the day. We started our day with a coffee in the Shelbourne and then headed down to Il Posto. We were greeeted as we came in by Eszter, a very friendly and helpful hostess.

I had checked ahead that they had a vegan main course of Linguine with veg and corriander pesto. I mentioned that I was vegan and they said they could amend dishes to suit. This was wonderful. I ordered the carrot and corrinder soup to start and my friends had 2 different salads, which both were ample with much rocket, which I adore, and they said were delicious. My soup was really beautiful, extremely flavoursome as food is when it was not weighted down with dairy products. There was a fabulous aftertaste. I could have also had a salad. We were given bread and oil, whilst we were waiting for our starters. In addition to the linguine there was also a mushroom, pea, spinach and chive risotto, which the chef said could be made vegan. No nouvelle cuisine here. My risotto arrived and it was a very large portion and absolutely delicious, the chive really gave it a kick and has given me a great idea for when I’m making my own risotto again. I often try and copy meals I have in restaurants with different variants of success. I thought this was a very imaginative risotto and I will definitely endeavour to duplicate it somewhat. My friends had some of my dish and thought it was lovely. Both Mary and Dorothy were delighted with their meals. Dorothy elected to have an apple crumble for dessert. Mary and I didn’t bother with dessert. The price for 3 courses is 20 euro, which is still excellent value.

The atmosphere was so nice and relaxing and although it is in a basement, there is still ample light coming in from the windows and you can still see the world going by on the green. As we were sitting down chatting and complimenting the meal, Eszther appeared with a vodka lemon drink for the three of us. This was really lovely. I have also been here for dinner. Monday was obviously quiet, I have been there for Friday lunch when it is extremely busy, but we had a wonderful chilled out lunch. This establishment, superior quality imaginative food and wonderful staff, ambience and atmosphere, all come highly recommended.

Three of us went back the other night for the early bird which is 20 euro for 2 courses and 25 for 3.  We managed to get 3 different vegan meals, a mushroom and truffle oil risotto, a spinach and asparagus risotto and a rigatoni with vegetables and hazelnuts.  We had our starter outside in the sunshine overlooking Stephens Green and our main course inside in the beautiful luxurious restaurant.  The staff were amazing, the food was mind blowing.  This is the best Italian Restaurant I have ever been into in Dublin, in fact, anywhere in the world.  This is pure class at affordable prices.  I cannot wait to return.  Highly highly recommended.




  1. Il Posto looks good in your review – I wish there were more places that go “the extra mile” for their paying customers!

  2. I love Italian food! It’s good to know where to get decent Italian that’s not all cream and cheese. Thanks 🙂

  3. Great to have another restaurant to add to our list of vegan-friendly restaurants. Sounds like you really enjoyed your meal. Well done Il Posto, Susan and friends!

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