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doro and i

I love this place and its the nearest Dublin is ever going to get to Harrods. I brought my friend Dorothy Murphy here yesterday, who was over from the UK, visiting her sick dad and I wanted to bring her somewhere special in between hospital visits. Ive been going here for years but I like to look at an establishment through new eyes, so I watched in delight at Dorothy’s wonder at this fabulous venue. The minute we walked in, she compares it to Harrod’s, she fell in love with the fab food hall and the amazing array of unusual vegetables from red bananas to white courgettes. I then took her down to the basement to the Wine Cellar and Bar and she was amazed. But, I saved the best till last, I walked her upstairs to their beautiful restaurant. The setting is so beautiful, effortlessly elegant, pure class. She immediately bemoaned the fact that she had jeans on, I told her it didnt matter, they would not kick us out!. Beautiful white tableclothed tables overlooking some of the most amazing architecture in the city, starched clothed, but not in personality, beautifully turned out waiting staff, who are always so friendly and helpful. This place feels like you need to re-mortgage to have lunch here but happily, this is not the case. There is a beautiful olde world style elegance, I always feel I’m walking into a previous era but with every modern convenience. The manager seated us at a window seat. Dorothy took her time drinking the place in. I had rung and enquired about vegan options, and the manager happily informed me that they had a vegan menu, yes, not a vegetarian but a vegan menu,  joy oh joy,  the world is copping on, my daughter had an amazing vegan meal in the Shelbourne a while ago, that was the envy of all her friends.

After he seated us, he informed me he had also included the vegan menu. Its these little things that make a restaurant stand out, I was very impressed. There was also a vegan salad on the main menu. Unbelievably, lunch in this establishment starts at 6.50 for lights, 7.95 for starter portion pasta dishes, which I have always found ample and 11.95 for main courses pasta, with platters at 9.95. The Vegan Menu is as follows:


Mixed Vegetable and Tomato Soup

Roast Beetroot, artichoke avocado and mixed leaf salad, parsley and Lime dressing


Mixed Bean Cassoulet, courgettes, slice aubergine caviar, mixed
peppers, basil and pinenut salad, plum tomato sauce

Wild Mushrooms risotto, toasted walnuts, asparagus, sundried tomatoes,
chive dressing


Fresh Fruit Salad

Seasonal Fruit Crumble

Cranberry & Mulled Wine Crumble

I ordered the Mixed Bean Cassoulet and it was absolutely fabulous. We had a bottle of red. There was also a portobello mushroom, green bean and spinach salad with toasted pine nuts and thyme dressing on the main menu. I really was flumoxed, not used to having so much choice on a menu. The atmosphere is just amazing, this place has to be experienced firsthand. It really is one of the best places in town, my only minor crib is that there was not the option on the vegan menu for regular or large portions.

I absolutely applaud Fallon and Byrne for making such an effort with vegan options. The staff are always so pleasant and attentive, our wine was topped up as was our water. We felt truly looked after. We were given complimentary fennel and tomato bread and another white bread before our mains arrived and we asked for extra bread, which duly arrived. The bill for two mains and a bottle of wine was 50 euro. This is an outstanding restaurant right in the heart of Dublin City that has given Dublin and Exchequer Street a major lift. More than highly recommended. Go and experience it for yourselves. If you want to feel cosseted and well fed and looked after by wonderful staff in an amazing atmosphere overlooking the city’s most beautiful buildings, this is not so much a lunch option as an amazing dining experience that assaults all the senses and will leave you feeling sated long after you leave. Pure joy.




  1. It’s so nice to have a nice place to go and have lunch that has a great menu.

    • Yes, its an amazing place, atmosphere is wonderful and so reasonable. xx

  2. Excellent review. Captures the essence of the place perfectly. 🙂

    • Thanks hon, will be heading in there with you shortly, always loved this place but now that they have a vegan menu, you wont be able to keep me out! Dorothy loved it.

  3. Fantastic vegan menu – definitely setting an example!

  4. Well done Susan – great find! I am delighted to see that Fallon and Byrne have not just a vegan option but an actual vegan menu! Wow – fair play to them. This is going straight on to my list of vegan-friendly places to eat out in Dublin which you can find here: on my website ( I will also be complimenting Fallon and Byrne via their Facebook page and giving them a shout out on the Irish Vegan facebook page:
    Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on all these great finds in Dublin Susan. ♥

    • Thanks Bronwyn, thats great, yes we have to spread the word, brilliant to see such an amazing restaurant offering a vegan menu, I was spoilt for choice. They truly have to be applauded, I hope more restaurants follow. I will be going back very soon. Fabulous staff and atmosphere, just love this place.

  5. Sounds wonderful Susan. I applaud Fallon and Byrne. Cant wait to visit and enjoy the yummy healthy vegan food. Thanks for sharing Susan.

    • You are welcome darling, its pure class, you would love it. xxx

  6. That sounds amazing! I have been there once for a small bite with some friends and found vegan friendly dishes even on the regular menu, but that was a while ago. Definitely going to pop in again soon! I really love the place too, I shop there for hard to find ingredients that I can’t find anywhere else. Maybe you should suggest them to be listed on happycow? I think it opens up a whole new market for vegan friendly restaurants and it may encourage them to keep improving their vegan menus.

  7. Nice find! Can’t wait to check out this place 🙂

  8. if i ever get to dublin, i’ll put it on my must do list! great blog!

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