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I had been meaning to try this place for a good while now but I was always apprehensive about how much vegan food would be available and I have a bit of a phobia about self service and buffets.  Turned out, I should have gotten over myself a long time ago, not going here for a few years has indeed been a number of missed opportunities.  I turned up here with John on a Friday afternoon around 1.45, the place was busy, but staff assured us from the onset they would have a table for us in a few minutes, and sure enough they did.

We were duly seated and asked had we ever been there before.  We explained we had not but our daughter had been in last week with a bunch of her student friends and had highly recommended it, we also said we were vegan and our daughter had informed us that anyone not eating meat got to take 2 bowls instead of one to the grill, which seems very fair as paying the same price as people who are eating meat does not seem fair on any level.  She immediately informed us that she could get a part of the grill kept aside for us or have everything cooked from scratch in our own wok.  We were very happy with the second option, to be on the safe side.  The place was busy and lively but never felt chaotic, there were ample windows to the front of the restaurant where were were seated and the decor was nice and neutral but cosy, it did not have the functional feel of so many buffet restaurants. Everything was very well explained to us, we headed towards the buffet with our bowls, and were informed bowls of rice would be left at our table as well.  Any sides or drinks or starters could also be ordered at the table and you paid afterwards, this made for a very pleasant dining experience.  We filled our bowls full with many vegetables, courgettes, carrots, chinese leaves, beansprouts, onion, musrooms, peppers and tofu and chickpeas from the buffet, there was also a large tray of noodles, but no rice noodles which I feel would be a great addition to the menu, then there was another section for herbs and spices and then finally, sauces, where all the ingredients were clearly listed.  Nearly all the sauces were vegan, amongst which were satay, black bean and sweet chilli. Even though the place was very busy in the peak of Friday lunch, there were no major queues and the service area was nice and compact.  We arrived at the cooking area and the chef had already been informed by the waitress that we needed a separate wok.  We were told it would take a few minutes.

Whilst we were seated at our table, another waitress came down and told us everything would be ready shortly.  The staff really were exceptional and showed great efficiency and pleasantness during the busiest part of the day.  Unbelievably, one trip to the buffet was only 5.90, there was also an all you can option for 10 euro, but I personally could not even eat everything from the one trip, given that we were allowed two bowls.  We decided to order a side of popadoms with dips, which were also very good value at 2.50 and a glass of lunch wine each, again very well priced at 3.50 per glass, with strong berry overtones and a decent glass too.

Our food arrived down, freshly cooked, piping hot and absolutely delicious.  This place is pretty amazing. I’m sorry I left it so long to go here and I was heartened to see so many people just having the veg option.  It was wonderful to have such a filling healthy tasty lunch right in the city in a lovely atmosphere with very helpful staff for an unbelievable price of 5.90.  We shall be back.



  1. Thats for the information I will try it next time I’m in Dublin and once again another well written blog, Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Susan, i was going to mention this restaurant on the Dublin Vegans group as i was surprised nobody knew it. Great post, I totally agree with you! I started going there in my omni days and it still is my number one choice whenever i eat out! Very friendly environment, great tasty food. Lunch is great value, but so is the all you can eat dinner, very affordable compared to other restaurants.

  3. I was there years ago but not since becomming vegan. I think it might be time to try it again. 🙂

    • Oh absolutely, I will be back again, such an amazing place and loads of TOFU!.xx

  4. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for your wonderful review. It’s great to hear your experience with us was good.
    Thank you for all the kind words. Hope to see you back very soon 🙂

    Mongolian BBQ

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