Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | February 10, 2014


I was meeting my mum for lunch last week in Glasnevin and we decided to try this eatery.  It has been open for the last six months and it has been recommended to me by a few people.  It is in a lovely setting just opposite the tin church on Botanic Avenue amidst a row of cute little shops on the turn overlooking the old church and the river.  I met my mum in this gorgeous bijou cafe on a Friday lunchtime, and we sat beside the window.  It was a beautiful crisp sunny day and it was lovely to gaze out on this picturesque setting.

The cafe has a lovely artisan feel and is run by a couple, who are both extremely friendly and helpful.  I ordered a salad of roast veg with cous cous and hummous and omitted the pesto,  making it a vegan salad, my mum had a sandwich.  The salad was 5 euro for a small and 7 euro for large.  I decided to go for the large.  The salad arrived down and it was indeed,  a large portion, so large that I took half of it home.  It was really delicious, with plentiful olives, courgette, aubergine, mushrooms, peppers and onions, with a large smattering of garlicky hummous. Everything was so fresh, homemade and delicious, and a fabulous meal on a cold day.  I thought it was extremely good value and the atmosphere in the restaurant was lovely.  It was quite full when we came in and remained so throughout our time there, there was a nice feeling of hustle and bustle without the place ever feeling crowded.  I had a chat with one of the owners, Triona, and told her I could see this place expanding to a wine bar with tapas at night, and she said they had plans to expand, had started off small and were delighted to see the business thriving.

I asked if they had soya and was amazed that they had, usually its hard to get in a small cafe.  I ordered a soya latte and, then thought I was really pushing it looking for a decaf soya latte, but this was no problem, it came down pipping hot, just the way I love it and deliciously frothy in a huge mug delivered by Garret McMahon, with a big smile. It was one of the nicest lattes I have ever had.  Triona also told me of plans to run themed nights like Thai nights, Vegan nights etc.  I think this would be tremendously popular.  They seemed very interested in customers feedbacks and ideas, which I always think is admirable.  She is also going to add a vegan kale salad to the menu.

In an area where some pubs have become tired to the extent that they have not had a makeover since I drank in them as a teen, this wonderful cafe is a very welcome addition. The food is truly of a very high quality and the ambiance and the service are top notch. I  can see it going from strength to strength,  always looking for new ideas,  keeping the space and menu varied and interesting, whilst keeping prices down.

I think Glasnevin really needs McMahons,  as was confirmed by the cafe being full for the few hours I was there.  I can see this business successfully expanding and diversifying and I will definitely be heading back next week.  Highly recommended, go and try out this little gem for yourselves, truly worth experiencing.

P.S. I actually went back the following week and true to to her word, Triona had a beautiful kale, quinoa and veg salad on the menu,  amazing to see such imaginative salads, I was actually cold that day so I went for the hot salad but I will definitely try the kale and quinoa the next time.




  1. Sounds a great place to eat Susan,I must recommend it to my friends in Glasnevin,I have great memories of the little tin church.

    • Thanks Barbara and Deirdre, I love when I find little unusual places like this with fab food and energy, well worth a visit, even if its just for a coffee but the food is fabulous

  2. Enjoyable read Susan, will definitely give this place a visit.

  3. Thanks for the heads up as my parents live just up the road from here so will definitely be popping in the next weekend I’m visiting. The thoughts of being able to get a soya latte or a vegan lunch locally are definitely a big draw for me as I can normally never pop out for lunch with Mam – but now I can! 🙂 Now that my husband knows McMahon’s exists he will definitely be popping in for lunch as he passes by a few times a week. Hopefully they will expand or adapt the menu to add more vegan dishes. I would hope for a weekend vegan brekkie myself! 🙂 Will keep an eye out for the themed nights. Do they have a website?

    • Hi, I couldnt see a website or FB page for them, but yes they are definitely going to add vegan dishes and yes most unusual to get a soya latte in a small local cafe and as I said it was amazing, was really impressed by the place. Its small and very popular so make sure you get in before 1.00 and grab a seat. Enjoy. xx

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