Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | December 22, 2013


Just back from a fantastic night in my favourite hotel in Dublin.  Myself and John and the girls used to go every year before Christmas and book the interconnecting rooms on the top floor.  We have not gone for the last few years but managed to get back this year.  I love this hotel, it does exactly what it says on the tin, central, it certainly is.  Located on Exchequer Street,  its literally a few minutes from everywhere you would ever want to go in the city.  It combines old world elegance with modern style,  its very clean and neutral but has such wonderful old rooms,  I really feel the history everytime I walk in here.  I first got interested in this hotel after I discovered the magnificent Library Bar, think of the coffee shop in friends combined with a beautiful cosy antiquated feel.  The times we have been lucky enough to grab the couch by the fire in a room surrounded by books, are ones I treasure so much.  Its like walking into a friend’s beautiful dining room.
We arrived yesterday morning, we had “journeyed” in on the tram 10 minutes away from our cottage in Dundrum and left off our cases and headed into The James Joyce Room in Bewleys for soya lattes and soya hot chocs. We had some last minute shopping to do and then decided to head back to our hotel for a drink.  We book into the same rooms each time, right at the top of the building and I gaze out in wonder at the wonderful architecture of the surrounding rooftops.  Our beautiful rooms have a twin room for the girls and an interconnecting double room for ourselves with a really comfortable couch and a few armchairs surrounding a coffee table. When we arrived back cold and damp from the predictable Irish weather, the wine fairy had appeared and on our coffee table was a beautiful bottle of Merlot and two wine glasses, whats a girl to do?  It would be impolite not to parktake of such wonderful hospitality!.  We sipped our wine and our girls came back from their shopping. We got ready to go out to dinner, the weather was suitable dreadful but we knew we had a 2 minute walk to the beautiful Porthouse for Spanish Tapas.  The Porthouse is beautifully coccooned in a cellar like atmospher wine all around the walls and candles aplenty.  We had a fabulous meal and then returned to our hotel.  Our fab Library Bar was full to capacity but the very helpful waitresses informed us that their function room on the other side of the bar was also open.  I have been in this room for Sunday afternoon jazz and its another beautiful room.  So off we headed. My one gripe in the past with the bar has been the lack of variety of beers, well I was gobsmacked the other night and delighted to note the addition of Peroni, Tiger and San Miguel, all my favourite beers. Well seeing as we were in a nostalgic mood, it had to be San Miguel. I remember the family holidays in Spain when we could afford to go abroad, very fondly.  We always picked places that were very child friendly and made sure the holidays were all about the girls, I cannot understand anyone who would leave their children unsupervised.  We would head out for a meal, on one particular occasion Jessie got the nickname “messy Jessie” after her spectacular enjoyment of her spaghetti dish left her face and hair covered in same!.  We would then take the girls to one of the many places that featured bouncy castles and we would sit and have a drink watching them bounce around the place, we were so grateful to have half an hour to talk whilst never taking our eyes off them and then home to the apartment and when the girls were tucked safely in bed, we would go to our balcony and partake of San Miguel to the sound of crickets singing in the night.  So here we were in a cold December night in a magnificent Dublin hotel partaking of the same said beverage.
Our girls had gone up to their room to watch a film. They are now 18 and 16 so its wonderful to see them growing up and gaining independence whilst still remaining a very close family. We got up this morning and went down to the breakfast room.  Again, another beautiful room and whatever way the staff are trained in this hotel or else its just their natural disposition, they are always friendly, smiling and helpful.  It makes the stay extremely pleasant.  We have been to many hotels where you have to queue to get the buffet and they run out of food etc.  This is so laid back and calm.  You help yourself to cereal, there are also prunes, grapefruits and many juices to choose from.  You can then order whatever hot food you like from the menu, we had hash browns, tomatoes and mushrooms, arriving at our table fabulously hot and fresh with a basket of brown and white toast and pots of decaf coffee.
Any friends coming over from UK or coming up from the country have stayed in this hotel.  I always book the rooms for them and they have all been really happy.  The Central do extremely favourable rates and are really good to their return customers, which is a huge incentive to go back again and again!!!.  If you are coming to Dublin, I would strongly advise staying in this hotel,  just give me a shout and I will ensure you are wonderfully catered for, as we always have been.  If you want to feel a little of the history of Dublin and experience a beautiful old world hotel, the wonderful architecture and hospitality, whilst also staying somewhere that is very clean and modern with amazingly friendly staff, this is the hotel for you, the only hotel I return to time and time again in my own city.



  1. I could not agree more with the review, it is true to form, my husband and I stayed there for his 50th birthday treat, and made the visit from the UK well worth while, and yes we will be coming back soon for another stay and look forward to it, as we will know what we are coming back too, fantastic hotel.. would highly recommend it 100% ……

    • Thanks Kerrie, I remember you and Mike were going to stay somewhere off the North Circular, it would have been much harder getting around the city, the Central does exactly what it says on the tin, I love the way its right in the city but still real old world and very clean. x

  2. Sounds beautiful. Delighted you had a lovely time Susan. Makes me want to visit this hotel.My sisters will be coming home April and we will be looking to book a hotel in Dublin city.we normally visit Cafe Boulivarde so Central hotel sounds perfect.

    • Just give me a shout Paula and I will ring on your behalf. Its a great hotel. xx

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