Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | October 28, 2013


As part of my cheap but cheerful lunches criteria, I set out today to do my usual and find a venue with lunch for a tenner or under with wine.  Not easy under the best of circumstances but on a bank holiday Monday it was nigh on impossible, but eventually we succeeded in our mission.

I have been to this restaurant before and their lunch menu is excellent value and the food is fabulous.  The menu displayed in the window though does not actually outline the full lunch menu, which is extensive.  The restaurant goes right back with views from the back onto the quays.  It was quite full when we arrived today and I was not surprised because their lunch menu is  2 courses plus a small glass of wine or beer for 9.95, which in rip off Temple Bar is highly unusual.  They also had another menu that featured main courses with fries and a bottle of Peroni for the same price.

When we arrived inside we realised there were a lot more vegan options than we thought.  For the main course, there was a homemade veggie burger, penne pasta with veg and tomatoe sauce and a vegi taco, which could be veganised by leaving out the cheese and sour cream.  They also do a veggie burrito in their early bird menu and have no problem doing it at lunch time, if requested.  We ordered two tomatoe bruschettas to start, which were very flavoursome,  I must remember when ordering tomatoe bruschetta to always say no pesto because it is often garnished on the side of the plate and contains cheese.  We were able to work our way around it.  For the main course, I ordered a veggie burrito, which arrived down in a spicy tomatoe sauce served with mexican style rice.  John ordered the veggie burger, which was made on the premises with kidney beans and chickpeas amongst other ingredients, and had a pineapple mango garnish and fries.  We decided to split the meals between us for variety.  It was a good call because the burrito was deliciously moist and the vegiburger extremely flavoursome and soft but more dry so the dishes complimented each other.  The next time we will probably ask for some salsa and guacamole with the burger.  The meal was fantastic,  the staff were run off their feet but very pleasant and accommodating.

This place is a real oasis in the midst of Temple Bar and superb for vegans and vegetarians because of the extensive choice on the lunch menu. This deal is available 7 days a week until 4.00 and if you order an extra wine (which, of course, we did!) its only 3 euro for a small glass at lunch time.  Highly recommended.


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