Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | September 28, 2013


This is a funky Cafe on Aungier Street.  I came upon when I was bringing my daughter down to the main DIT to get her ID card and thought it looked interesting.   We decided to head in for lunch. Their specialty is gourmet pittas.  Its a nice little cafe with outside space and a quirky feel inside, all the chairs are different and as someone who is allergic to symmetry, I appreciated this,  but I also like things to blend in their own weird mismatch rather that just being chaotic for the sake of it and they certainly did in this cafe, the wallpaper was The Financial Times.  I do feel though that they could get a little braver with colour but Im a gal who loves her heritage and Mediterranean colours and like restaurants to be a little brave with the terracotta, dark blue and gold colours, they should lose the brown a little.

Its a casual but cosy venue.  We ordered a humdinger pitta, which comprised of hummous, sundried tomatoe, roasted red pepper and rocket leaves with a substantial portion of mixed leaves and spicy Moroccan style hummous.  The presentation was wonderful and the food was succulent and mouthwatering, the glass of house wine came in at a very reasonably priced 4.95 and the pitta at 5.95, an excellent option for a casual but filling and comfortable lunch venue. Highly recommended and the staff were so friendly and wonderful.  A little jewel that sparkles in the midst of Aungier Street.




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