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This is NEWS, this is Dublin’s first exclusively vegan restaurant.  We have vegetarian restaurants that cater for vegans but yes this is fully vegan.  It opened a few months ago in Mary Street in Dublin 1 and I was not drawn to the chaos of the area where foot soldiers trample the streets in search of bargains.  Temple Bar can be a right kip with all the stag and hen parties etc,  but it still has its own charm especially on some streets where funk and vintage win the day, this is one such street and one such premises.  Lurve is located over Se Si in Temple Bar,  you cannot miss it, its the funky building that promises to take you back to your teens and delivers, distinctive because of its bright pink exterior.  Inside there is a vintage clothes shop in the basement with 10 euro rails and 5 euro sales rails.  There is a wonderful shop full of clothes and jewellery and and on the top floor resides Lurve.

We walked in and I fell in love instantly.  It was such a wonderful eclectic space with 2 white chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.  There was one large table bisecting the room which would fit around 10 people and other tables dotted throughout this intimate space, with gingham and variously coloured tablecloths and handpainted chairs.  You could fit 30 people. There were old books on the table with sticky notes in them, wherein you could write down whatever thoughts you were having, suggestions etc,  behind us there was an old sideboard with board games inside, an ideas nook, with cakes on top, and adjacent to that books that you could swap, buy for 3 euro or take for nothing and simply come back with a review.

Childrens drawings dangled across the room pegged up like washing and various other knick knacks.  Background jazz music accentuated the atmosphere.  We were just popping in for a look with the promise of returning for lunch another day.  However,  when Sarah discovered the dessert menu and realised it had been over two years since she had a chocolate cake out, we decided to fulfill her wish and stay a while.   Her chocolate cake arrived,  a substantial slice for a mere 3.50.  She expressed her delight and the very helpful waitress offered her some vegan nutella to accompany it,  made with avocado and other ingredients.  Now I dont like cake, which made my transition from vegi to vegan all the more easy,  but I had a taste of this and it was devine.  Sarah was ultra happy. I then discovered my facebook friend Debbie Deboo’s company Cakeability had made all the cakes, thumbs up Debbie.

The menu is wonderful, a selection of sandwiches for only 4 euro, with a choice of two fillings from roasted veg, hummolus, guacamole, salsa, tapanade, mushroom and walnut pate, sundried tomatoes and green salad.  They also do bruschetta and you can get a selection of salads small for 3.50 and large for 5.00 euro, which include –

Carrot with toasted mixed nuts
supergreen quinoa
puy lentils with thai dressing
wholewheat pasta, pesto and roasted veg
mixed bean salad
fresh green leaf salad.

There is also a soup and sandwich option for 7.00

The main dishes are mushroom and corriander burger or felafel in pitta pocket with a selection of all the salads for 8.50  of chilli wraps served with nachos, guacamole and salsa and for 9.50 or soup and main course for 10.00.

Desserts include chocolate cake, carrot cake, cappuccino walnut cake, rainbow peace cake and red velvet cake all for 3.50 with cupcakes at 2.90 and small cupcakes at 50 cents.

There is also a range teas and coffees, with a choice of rice, soya, milk, almond and coconut milk.



  1. What a lovely review. Thank you so much for your kind words. We are delighted you have discovered us & we hope to see you again verrrrry soon 🙂 Love from Lurve xx

    • Thank you and well done, it really cheered me up to sit in such a beautiful vegan restaurant. My daughter was so glad to eventually be able to have a chocolate cake out, something she has not been able to do since she transitioned from vegi to vegan over 2 years ago. We will be back for lunch very soon, absolutely loved the space. Vegan high five. xxx

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