Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | June 2, 2013

The Cedar Tree – Andrew Street

I used to go to this restaurant years ago but for some reason, I  haven’t been in a while.  I love Lebanese food and since Ive gone from vegi  to vegan, I have realised that most of their vegi dishes are also vegan.   I knew they were doing a lunch special of 10.95 for mezzes (similar  to tapas, lebanese style) and 9.95 for starter, main course and mineral.   John had  been working 6 day weeks for the last few weeks and then  coming home and editing at night  and weekends and the girls have  been studying for Junior and Leaving Cert, so we decided to give them a break from studying.  Jessie can only have friends over  if we  are all out,  such  is the joy of bijou living, so she  opted for same with some take-out pizza from the  very  cheapie takeaway across the  road  (5  euro for 12 inch pizza with mineral) and  myself, Sarah and John   headed into the  Lebanese.

Sarah had never been to a Lebanese restaurant before and indeed when they were younger, we always went to Italian, so Im very happy now to try different ethnicities with them.  I make tabbouleh and she loves felafel, but I wanted her to have the complete dining experience.   The Cedar Tree is a lovely restaurant, very atmospheric, with mosaic designed tables and wall murals, Lebanese music playing and very  friendly helpful staff.  The three of us opted for vegi mezzes and John and I ordered a  glass of house red each.  We soaked up the atmosphere whilst waiting for our food.  The music was lovely and we were able to enjoy  the paintings on the wall,  it reminded me of being on holidays, we felt transported to another country during the time we were there.    Lunch duly arrived and was presented beautifully.  Our plates consisted of baba ganoush (blended aubergine dish) samosas, hummous, taboulleh and felafel lightly drizzed in a sesame sauce,  this was accompanied by a basket of warm pitta bread, which was more than ample, between the three of us.   The staff were extremely pleasant and efficient and the food was amazing.  The  samosas were not the normal common gardener variety,   but deliciously crispy and infused with spinach, mouthwateringly delicous, the tabbouleh was wonderfully garlicky  and the  hummous and baba ganoush so delicately flavoured.  The felafel was fresh without a hint of dryness, that a lot of felafel has.  We scooped these into the warmed pitta bread and washed it down with the house red, which was a beautiful wine and very well priced at 4.50  per glass.

It  was a wonderful dining experience in a fabulous atmosphere with friendly helpful staff. It was so reasonable and an absolute joy to be there.  Highly recommended.



  1. Great job Susan!

  2. I will try when I am over there.

    • Thanks george, looking forward to seeing you, hope you are well honxx

  3. Sounds like you had a very pleasant afternoon. Definitely one to visit on my next trip home x

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