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On Bank Holiday Monday myself, my hubbie and our two daughters  headed in to this lovely venue.  I have recently discovered this cafe, having gone to the Westbury itself for years.  I love their gorgeous soya lattes. The Cafe has a lovely trendy feel about it.    There are two distinct areas within,  the front part with a mix of different type of seating, high and low stools, stools by the bar and a lot of red imbued throughout.  Ive been in the front part for coffee or a glass of vino many times, and I just  love it.  Its so bright with its floor to ceiling windows  to the front, enabling me to watch the world go by and a lovely cosy but happening ambience inside.  The staff are always lovely and efficient and always have a smile for customers.

On this day, we were ushered into the eating area at the back because we were having lunch.  This is a bit of a tardis, a large area to the back, with windows out to the street behind.    Its a lovely bright large room but I think it needs more decor-wise to make it flow from the front of the cafe seamlessly into the back,  I would  suggest the use of some bold heritage colour on the walls and plants.

We duly took our seats beside the window and I instantly felt calm and relaxed, my kind of place, with no hustle and bustle and elbowing into other diners, an oasis of calm. The girls thought it was lovely and we instantly all started chatting together and enjoying our family time.  The menu arrived and it  was the brunch menu,  I informed the waitress that I had rung ahead and had asked for the lunch menu because three of us were vegan and one vegi.  She remembered the call and told me she had arranged with the chef for us to have the vegan options on the lunch menu. I was very impressed by this.  We ordered a mixture of vegi samosas and cous cous and vegi wraps.  All the ingredients  are written out for the staff so they were able to confirm the samosas were vegan.  I wish more restaurants would follow suit.  Jessie ordered a mushroom rissotto.  The food arrived accompanied by a bottle of house red. All the food was absolutely gorgeous, the samosas were so spicy, tasty and succulent,  the wraps were absolutely delicious with a hummos dressing that I think was infused with cumin.  We were all very impressed by our meal and the wine was top class too.  The rissotto came with the option of starter or main portion, Jessie opted for the starter, which was ample at 9 euro.  Our wraps were 7.50 and the samosas about 7, I felt the samosas could have been a little cheaper as they were a starter but overall it was excellent value. The staff were extremely helpful and pleasant.  There were little touches like bringing down spicy hummous with our meal instead of mayo.   In other establishments, even after we tell them we dont eat dairy, they still bring down dairy laden condiments.

This is a top class venue with fabulous food that is well priced and wonderful pleasant helpful staff in lovely comfortable surroundings, ideal for drinks in the front part or lunch or  dinner to the back.  Their new lunch menu is amazing. I highly recommend this establishment on every level and I will be back very soon.  Fantastic find in the middle of the city.



  1. Sounds like a nice place. Glad you got a nice meal with your family 🙂

    • really lovely Johan, I would highly recommend it.

  2. Sounds like an ideal place to visit if you are vegetarian or vegan.Nice to hear how accommodating the staff were, it really makes a difference when you receive a good service to suit your dietary requirements. I wish I lived a bit nearer to pay a visit.

    • Yes Shena, you know yourself as a vegan, it can he hard eating out, but the staff were so good here , very well trained and no matter how busy the place is, always so pleasant, you will have to come when you visit Dublin. xx

  3. You know what Susan, I went there last year when I went to Dublin with my daughter and her boyfriend. We went there a couple of times for red wine, what else!! Lovely bar – never thought of asking for vegan food and we were vegans then. Was there in March 2012. We loved it!

    • Yes, you will have to go back for the food, absolutely amazing and staff so facilitating.

  4. Fine & detailed review!
    I will look it up again, when I’m in that area!
    Thank you, Susan!

  5. What a great review! Sounds like such a lovely place! Glad you had a great time there! 🙂

  6. Sounds lovely, will definitely try it out. I love that they listened and catered for your needs so well.

  7. Superb article. Will definitely try this place when I am in Dublin. Lovely blending of words and atmosphere.Thank you.

    • Thanks Clodagh, yeah, its lovely when it all works so well, food, atmosphere, staff and of course the wine!.. x

  8. Sounds like it is more than worth a visit. And I shall do next time I’m in Dublin.

  9. Congratulations Susan! Really enjoyed reading your blog! Very easy read, interesting and very insightful….I love how you detail your description on every aspect of your experience from internal decor, atmosphere, vibe, staff and food!
    Looking forward to reading about your next venture!
    Well Done E 🙂 xx

  10. Congratulations Susan! I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog! I love how you have described your experience with such detail from internal decor, atmosphere, staff, and Food! Very detailed and very insightful!
    Look forward to reading about your next venture! Great Review Well Done 🙂

    • You would love it Emma, really nice place, thanks hon.xx

  11. Thanks for the reminder about this cafe Susan. I must visit again soon.

  12. I had the pleasure of meeting good friends in Cafe Novo on a visit from London and agree with this excellent review. Friendly staff, lovely decor at front of house and a good view of the beautiful people of Dublin enjoying life as only the Irish can. Look forward to visiting again soon

    • We will go back with hubbies and girls when you come back in June

  13. I have driven past the Westbury many times but now it is my intention to stop and sample the delights on offer, great description and for a moment it was like I had been teleported into the Westbury’s restaurant.

  14. Really enjoyed your review Susan and hope to get in for meal soon!!

  15. I enjoyed your review Susan. It really does make such a difference when restaurant staff care. As you know I am a vegan chef and if customers are coming in for food then they deserve to enjoy the whole experience of dining out, and the staff who made you comfortable obviously enjoy their jobs. Great stuff.

  16. Lets face it, between being too broke to go out, and being out in “The Sticks” The Westbury is not even in my usual stomping ground. But it sounds charming…. I’ll add it to the list of places to go when I have money (fingers crossed, comon lotto win)…. It makes such a difference when front of house staff are pleasant. Nice that the chef was accomodating about the vegi/vegan options too.

    • Yeah Anne, it was very reasonable, the Cafe prices are a lot different than the actual Westbury so its a great affordable option.

  17. I have visited Cafe Novo many times Susan and I think your review is spot on ! x Well done.

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