Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | April 7, 2013


There are a few good reasons to cross the river and venture North, The Italian Quarter, Lotts Cafe Bar and The Cobalt Cafe being amongst them.  Ive been going to the Cobalt Cafe for years and absolutely love the place.  Its set in David Norrisland on North Great Georges Street in a beautiful old house.  I always feel I have a personal invitation to somebody’s home when I go here and in a way I have because the proprietors also live above the cafe.  From the moment you enter the old hallway and into the performance space, a little bit of magic happens and I feel a tingle in my spine.  On this particular night Nighthawks was on, a selection of acts from poets to comediennes to musicians, all for a mere 13 Euro.  We purchased our tickets at The Oxfam Shop on Parliament Street, as I knew the last gig was booked out and people were being turned away from the door. On a cold bright Saturday night, replenished from our early bird in Cafe Carlo, John and I headed to the Cobalt.

It was an amazing night, I was so pleased and honoured to witness so much talent in one room and could see a few of the guests that night were going to make it big.  In fact, there was not one weak link in the chain, I could not believe how much talent there was in one room in one night.   Of noteable mention, my friend the poet Kate O’Shea, she is such an amazing writer, her poems are crisp and vital and inspiring but she also performs them wonderfully. I have been so disappointed on occasion to hear writers who mumble their own work and I feel like screaming “shut up we will just read it”.  Kate has a fantastic delivery and her passion and personality come right through. She had the audience in knots of laughter.  Speaking of laughter, I saw one of the funniest guys I had ever seen last nite, Edwin Sammon, this guy with a rather long bearded face is so naturally funny with an amazing presence, he regaled us with stories of working part-time in a DIY store, amongst others, I was literally crying with laughter.  This guy is going to make it big on the comedy circuit, I have no doubt about that, the DIY store will have to find a replacement soon.  Andrew Stanley was also very funny, his act was really one long story, but very well told. Lisa mcLaughlin has a gorgeous voice and writes her own songs.  Sweet Jane were an Irish band with a big sound, they were somewhat curtailed by the size of the venue so it was difficult to hear the lyrics but a great sound nonetheless.   The IKonics were a boy band that actually have talent and a brilliant sound.  I have no doubt in my mind that these guys are going to be the next big thing.  Their tall lead singer has an amazing talent and presence and filled the stage with a quiet confidence and energy. Sareen Overwater is a Swiss girl with a lovely voice and reminded me of Joni Mitchell and Carole King.  The show ended with the brilliant singer/songwriter Ollie Cole whose folksy sound and energy filled the stage and the room, another tremendous talent.

All of this whilst we sipped our wine in the beautiful historical setting of North Great Georges Street.  I slipped out to the garden for some air during the break and recalled being at my friend Alan’s 30th birthday party there and hoped The Cobalt would always be there to house Irish talent, I would be heartbroken if it ever closed its doors.  As we walked down North Great Georges Street, I waved at the IKonics and wished them well on their journey to success and thought of all of the screaming teens who would be waving at them soon.  What a night and big respect all the people who organise and oversee this event,  Stephen Kennedy, Julie McGovern, Mary Treasa Cahill-Kennedy and hosted by Colm Keegan, they should be well proud of the line-up they pulled together and the quality and professionalism of the acts.  You can like The Nighthawks Page here on Facebook an be informed of future events.  Highly highly recommended for an amazing night out that fills your heart full of joy to witness so much talent and energy in these recessionary times.  Heartening and inspiring to say the least.


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