Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | April 7, 2013


We were going to The Cobalt Cafe last night and wanted to grab an early bird beforehand. I had originally booked 101 The Talbot, which I love, but it is too expensive especially when its not the mainstay of the evening so I decided to look elsewhere in the area.  We happened upon Cafe Carlo on a street that would not be my favourite by any stretch of the imagination, I think what has been allowed to happen to this main street in our capital city via loads of fast food joints and dodgy gaming places is nothing short of an absolute disgrace.  However, needs must, John had been working in The College of English Studies and we needed to grab a quick bite before our gig.

On perusing the Cafe Carlo menu, we noted a couples special of 40 euro for 2 courses each plus a bottle of house red.  We were able to make the menu work for us so we could have it vegan.  On entering the establishment, it is a cosy candlelit restaurant and all memory of the offending street outside is quickly forgotten.  The staff were very friendly and accomodating and we gladly took our seats.  We ordered our starter of a breaded mushroom without the feta and some rocket.  This duly arrived beautifully presented and was delicious.  There was, however, some mayo on the side which we were able to avoid but I do feel you have to hammer it home to people what no dairy actually means and that can be a little frustrating.  The house Italian arrived and was very pleasing, a delish montepuciliano.  For mains we ordered the vegi fajitas.  Again, these were beautifully presented.  A platter arrived with our wraps and rocket and condiments, two of these being cheese and mayo, which again we returned, kept the guacamole and asked for some salsa instead.  Our fajitas then duly arrived, piping hot on a skittle, dressed in a really nice spicy tomato sauce.  I knew looking at the meal that my 6 2 hubbie was going to be getting one of my fajitas so it would be the usual 3 to 1 ratio.  I marvel at his appetite ane he is losing weight eating these gargantuan portions whilst 5 ft me struggles to lose it all the time whilst eating a fistful of food for dinner.  The fajitas were really gorgeous and went down very nicely with the house red, in the end John only managed 2 1/2 large wraps!.  Our bill came and we re-iterated what amazing value it was, 40 euro all in.

I would definitely return to Cafe Carlo, I would just ask them to bear in mind that when people so no dairy, that they should follow it right through.  Lovely staff, lovely restaurant and great value. We will be back.


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