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I discovered this new restaurant on menupages last night and after perusing the menu decided it looked interesting and booked a table for myself and my husband.  Even though its only open 6 weeks, it was booked out for the night and we only secured a reservation because we were just going in for an hour and a half before a show  We arrived at this South Anne Street venue (opposite the Chilli Club)  and made our way the basement via the lift.  The restaurant is spacious but cosy and plays lovely music. We felt very cossetted and welcome during our time there.   The manager and alll the staff were lovely and helpful.  It specialises in Indian tapas,  all their small plates are vegi but most can be adapted to vegan.  We told the staff that we were vegan and they were only too happy to recommend dishes and tell us what vegi dishes could be well adapted to vegans and what ones wouldn’t.  We actually ordered one dish and the waitress came back and told us the chef said it would not be nice without the yogurt and she recomended a vegetable skewer instead. We were delighted with the recommendations and consideration we received.

Our first tapas arrived, hollow durum wheat puffs, spicy potato-garbanzo filling, tangy tamarind- cilantro-black salt injection  and a small teapot with scented water to add toi them, mouthwateringly delicious.  We ordered 6 tapas and rice and some light bread, they duly arrived and I was so sorry that I did not bring a camera to capture the colours and textures, a work of art. We proceeded to tuck into puffed rice, bombay mix, red onion, cucumber, avocado, pomegranate, tamarind chutney, chat masala, crispy spiced okra with carom seeds, turmeric, red chilli and dried raw-mango powder, tiny poppadoms with fresh chutney, vegetable skewer,  sweet yam, chaat Masala tamarind-mint-cilantro purée, black rock-salt, broiled cumin, lemon juice and spicy sauce on the side, all washed down with a bottle of house Merlot.  We were in taste sensation heaven.  All the food was light and delicate with nothing smoothered in sauce.  They also do a good selection of main courses.  The staff were fantastic, the atmosphere was amazing and the bill came to a very reasonable 55 euro. As I said to my husband, they run a very tight ship here.  Staff taking your coats on arrival and helping you find them on the way out.  If you are going out for an Indian in Dublin you have to try here,  while you can still get a reservation.  This is the most unusual exciting Indian Restaurant I have ever been in.  Highly recommended,
Ph: 7079896



  1. Wow wow wow!
    Sounds like a wonderful place with fantastic vegan delight. Attentive staff makes such a difference when dining out, always memorable for a second booking!
    Added to that, staff and chefs who care about vegan customers is so reassuring and show their worth. Brilliant.
    You know, I could see and smell your food descriptions, must have so aromatic. What a great evening you both had.


    • Hiya Phil, sorry only seeing this now, there are comments on another section too so this is bloody confusing!!. Yes brilliant to find a place that has such a wide variety and so respectful of veganism, will definitely bring you here when you come over

  2. Read above WOW and Wonderful place etc – thats not the case – Its an absolute mindblowing eating experience – went on Saturday and was absolutly gobsmacked by my meal – Not being a 100% Indian food lover I was somewhat apprehensive but will be making it a regular place to visit – subject to getting a reservation!!

  3. We are in Ireland for almost 7 months and were in search for best Indian restaurant in dublin area. Unfortunately we could not find any place near city centre which serves god food and saw this place when I googled for best restaurants. I would say this is the best place I ever had indian food abroad. We tried lamb biryani, Malvani prawns and Rumali roti… Yummmmmmy.!! It is a bit costlier than other indian restaurants in town but value for money. I would recommend this place to anyone and planning to go there again next weekend. 5 star in service and quality.

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