Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | February 24, 2013


I went to see Honor Heffernan last night in Bewleys Cafe Theatre.  Its my third time in the last year but everytime we go Honor is playing with different people and singing different songs so its always new.  Before that, I hadn’t her for 28 years, when I had seen her in the Gresham Hotel with my then boyfriend.  Her light has not dimmed in the following years, if anything her voice seems stronger and more magnificent and she has not changed a bit.  I have gotten to know Honor over the last year and and she is a lovely warm person and we always have a chat after the gigs, which makes the night even more special.  The space itself is fabulous.  I remember being so upset when they were going to close down Bewleys, the beautiful building with the Harry Clarke stained windows and all the memories I have of going to gigs and lunch and coffee there.  Im so happy they managed to keep it running and The James Joyce Room on the second floor is my favourite space for coffee and they do the best soya lattes in town.  I love the theatre space and have seen many lunch time plays, gothic plays at night for halloween and plays about speed dating there, but now my favourite Bewleys gig is going to see Honor.  The space itself is so intimate, it really is like going to a gig in someone’s sitting room, the candlelit room has capacity for 50, there is a bar there that sells wine and bottled beer or you can do what John does and shimmy on down on the lift to the ground floor and get a couple of pints and take them back up with you.

Unbelievably, to see Honor and the other three musicians,it was only 12 euro and I would much rather be in that space listening to these amazing musicians than go to some big arena and pay over a hundred euro.  I just love the intimacy and the ambience.  All the members of the band last night were excellent, but I have to make particular mention of the drummer, Keith Brrady, even the way he played the quiet numbers, there was an expertise on the drums that I have never seen before, but the pianist Phil Ware was also wonderful and had a few standing ovations as was the base player Damian Evans.

Honor has a voice and passion that this infuses every song she sings. She has the perfect voice and demenour for jazzy blues numbers and does them so well.  This beautiful dimunitive blonde in killer heels took to the stage and we were just riveted.  She sang Joni Mitchell’s Be Cool, dedicated Moonlight in Vermont to myself and John (that brought a tear to my eye), New York State of Mind by Billy Joel,  and ended the set with 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover. She also sang one of her own compisitions and I really think after hearing it, Honor should write a lot more songs, it was fabulous.l  It was an amazing night and I was so delighted to be there and experience it.  Honor plays Bewleys pretty much monthly and also does gigs in JJ Smyths.  Do yourself a favour, if you love music, particularly jazz and blues and want to see an amazing singer with a variety of different musicians, get yourself in to see Honor soon.

Doors open at 8. 30pm Cover charge €12 Bookings on 0879892994



  1. Sounds brilliant, Susan. I hope to be enjoying this type of evening with you and John someday.

    • You would have loved it George, I know how much you love music. Yes, get your ass over here soon hon, cant wait to see you.xx

  2. I enjoyed reading your review Susan. I wasn’t familiar with Honor until I saw a clip of her singing with Leslie Dowdall.
    What a great night hey, and like you say intimate gigs are a real treat.

    Thanks for that enjoyable read


    • Thanks Phil, it was amazing, her gigs always are and 10 minutes away on the tram and only 12 euro in and what a fantastic space, love it and her. We are very fortunate to live so near the city and know so many wonderful artists.

  3. I have seen Honor Heffernan may moons ago..nice to hear she is still belting them out..and very impressed also with your blog on Indie dhaba restaurant..sounds like a plan..yes an enjoyable read.

    • Thanks Kathryn, she is still amazing, I love her gigs and we were very lucky that we also went for the best Indian we ever had beforehand, amazing night, Ill be boring now till my reunion with my friends in a few weeks!. xx


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