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You know its funny when people talk about health in terms of smoking and drinking and then eating but never or rarely about what is actually absorbed into your skin on a daily basis via cosmetics, creams etc.  I’ve done a lot of research on this topic and it makes for some scary facts.  For instance, the huge correlation between use of conventional deodorants and breast cancer.  In fact in the case of breast cancer the two D’s are to be avoided, deodorants and dairy. There is also the fact that 60 pc of what you put on your skin is absorbed into it.  The amount of parabens (cancer causing chemicals) and other carcinogens in most conventional make-ups and creams are horrific.  With all this in mind, I set off for a complimentary cleanse, tone and make-over to Catherine Morgan’s recently opened outlet of Biofresh Skincare in the Ilac Centre. Biofresh products are 100 pc natural and not tested on animals, so that ticks both boxes for me then.

As I arrived at the outlet I was met by the beautiful Pry (pronounced Pree), a gorgeous Brazilian girl who had come to Ireland to continue her beauty studies and had worked in Catherine’s outlet in Drogheda before moving up to Dublin. With sweeping eyelashes and a gorgeous smile, she made me feel instantly at ease.  I observed herself and the other girls working and noticed how affable and pleasant they were.  As it is the season to be pushy, I’ve had a few experiences lately of the body snatching variety wherein I’m literally snatched into a shop and my hair curled or gold make up applied by a very over-zealous assistant who then informs me its only 150 euro to purchase same said appliance. The girls were very informative and  dispensed advice and samples to customers who showed an interest in the product, a tack I would say is much more likely to bring in return customers rather than a quick fix, go home and regret the purchase type buyer, who will never repeat the mistake.  They also had beautiful sets made up, which would make excellent christmas presents and I’m glad my husband reads my blog!

Pry cleansed and toned my skin, all I could smell was rosewater.  I have purchased rosewater in the chemist before but it was very astringent, more of the paint stripper variety, this was all very light and natural. She then went on to apply make up from the Bella Pierre range.  When she was applying the make-up I noticed that the foundation was just a very light powder, mineral make-up, gently dabbed on with a brush. I was sceptical that it would be sufficient as I always use a foundation and powder, I like good coverage to hide my pink cheeks, I know some people like that healthy glow, but I prefer to be a bit more goth myself!. Pry assured me that it was a foundation, powder, concealer and SPF all in one.   I was surprised that this very light mineral powder provided excellent coverage and yet I felt like as if I was not wearing make-up at all, no mask like feeling, just a coverage wherein my skin could really breathe.  She applied lovely green and brown eyeshadows and dark eyeliner, coloured my eyebrows and applied red lipstick.  I was delighted with the results.

All made up and nowhere to go, no mon no fun, what’s a girl to do?  Luckily enough, I had checked my diary that morning and noticed an invitation to the latest opening of an art exhibition in the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Trinity.  Well art exhibitions mean free wine so it seemed like an excellent idea after my make-over, rather than going straight home and I had also noticed on my facebook, an invitation to The Bailey’s 175th birthday with music and free champers, so a plan was set in motion.  I met John at the side entrance of Trinity at quarter to six and we headed into the exhibition.  It was an exhibition of mainly handwoven handbags from Iraq.  Apparently, in many cases they were used as a dowry, an example of how useful a woman’s skills could be in her impending marriage!!.  Excellent idea, just as well, I didn’t have to undertake such domestic competency trials or I would still be single!

Anyway, the bags were very interesting and all that but the space is very industrial and spartan and I could see no evidence of wine appearing on my radar.  I thought surely not, maybe the cutbacks have meant an end to wine at openings. I was a little perturbed having made the treacherous journey from the Ilac Centre to Trinity College in freezing conditions, I did need something to warm me up. And then it happened, as if by magic, the wine fairies appeared. Skirting the periphery of the exhibition with the grace of ballet dancers, heavily laden with trays of red and white.  Glass of red in hand, I was finally able to finally fully appreciate the subtlety of the woven bags that graced the walls.  A very colourful exhibition and definitely worth seeing.

Right, city girl had to keep on moving, the Bailey awaited us so off we shuffled the five minutes from Trinity to Duke Street.  The Bailey was a hive of activity inside and out. As we walked in, I delighted in the sounds coming from the three members of the Manilla Strings band, grabbed a stool and turned around to listen to the music.  We don’t exactly paint the town red, but have been known to frequent the Bailey for literally one on a Friday when John finishes supervising exams. Its my favourite bar in town.  We had barely settled into our seats when our friendly barman appeared with two glasses of champers.  The atmosphere was electric, and I reminded myself again of why I chose to live a 10 minute tram ride from the city.  Manilla Strings were working their way around the room, taking requests and the staff were zooming around dispensing champers and nibbles.  Finally they came to us and I requested “She” by Elvis Costello, my all time favourite long song,  they sang it wonderfully and played two more songs for us before moving on. As they disappeared, another two glasses of champagne appeared in front of us. I was liking this synchronicity, if only life could always be so seamless.

We left The Bailey just before 8 and made the arduous 10 minute journey home. There was a drunk on the LUAS who insisted on talking to us and telling us he had been a good friend of Phil Lynott.  I listened to him for five minutes before I told him to get lost.  I like to be nice and all that but he was ruining my champagne buzz, cant be having that now!.   We arrived home at 8, make-over still intact, my girls loved it, so I will have to see if Santy can Biofresh them for Christmas.  What a wonderful afternoon and evening, home to the tiny moneypit, made-over and a wee bit sozzled, excellent!.



  1. That was really good Susan. It has made me waken up to the fact that my Daughter is now using makeup on a daily basis and also the underarm aerosols. Food for though. So what would you recommend for her? This Biofresh products?

    • Hiya Strum, yes all the biofresh prodcuts are 100 pc natural so from creams to makeup you cannot go wrong and the makeup is non-cloggingg. You can also get a rock deoderant for your daughter that you just add water to or a natural deorderant from the health Store with no alcohol. In studies, theyh have proven that people who are right handed are more likely to get cancer of the left breast andvisa versa because they use more deoderant with their most flexible hand, so use sparingly. If you want to buy her any biofresh for christmas, please give me a shout and I will hook you up with my friend. She will tell you the best products for teen skin and make you up a gift basket.

  2. Sounds like a great day Susan! I must drop in to Biofresh at Ilac Centre to sample their wares. Always on the look out for good products.

    • Let me know when you are going and I will hook you up with my friend who works there and she will look after you. xx

  3. Sounds like a fun day. Are there Biofresh shops anywhere else? I’m an hour and a half away from from Dublin but I do like the sounds of that foundation, it looks good in the pic you posted.

    • Hiya hon, they have a shop in drogheda as wel or you can order online. Have a look at their online website, products are very reasonable. My gym friends have been sampling the moisturiser and love it.

  4. [ Smiles ] A lovely post, Susan; thank you for sharing it with your readers!

    • Thanks Renard, sorry Im rarely in here, only saw your reply now.xx

  5. Okay, hint taken re Christmas present, Susan. Great day out. Need more of those. 🙂

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