Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | September 30, 2012

105 CLONSKEAGH (opposite O’Sheas pub)

105 Clonskeagh is doing for Clonskeagh what Wilde N Greene is doing for Milltown, giving it a nucleus, a pulse, so to speak beating the heart into this dreary little village. Clonskeagh has beautiful river walks but there is no village per se, 105 is a very welcome addition. Yesterday was our 17th wedding anniversary and my darling Sarah was starting her new speech class in Independent Theatre Workshop, Clonskeagh, in preparation for drama college next year, so we thought a pint in Ashtons for myself and John after walking Sarah to her class and a pizza and wine with Sarah and Jessie afterwards sounded like a good plan. I had noted 105 previously and had admired the décor and layout and had pencilled it in for “dinner” at some stage. This seemed to be right time. The pizza bases are vegan so were knew we could simply order a vegi pizza without cheese. Duly sated from out pint in Ashtons and the girls having caught up with us, off we went to this beautiful new restaurant.

The restaurant itself is a perfect blend of old and new, bright and clean whilst also being warm and comfortable and candle lit, a must for me, Myself John and Sarah ordered the vegi pizza sans cheese. It was a roast veg pizza on a stonebaked base and arrived to our table looking deliciously inviting. It had a mixture of aubergine, peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, courgette and onions. The veg were bountiful, which is how I like my pizza and accompanied by chilli oil and black pepper to enhance the wonderful ingredients. The stone base was light and flavoursome complimented by a wonderfully rich sauce. Jessie ordered a margarita. She was tired after an early morning hockey match, but she loved her pizza. The wine was reasonable at 19.50 and we ordered the shiraz which was a perfect blend of dense and flavoursome.

We had our meal in beautiful comfortable surroundings and on the way out, the owner enquired if we enjoyed our meal. On my last viewing of the restaurant, the owner was also present and was very helpful. He told us of future plans for the restaurant including a covered area to the front and changes in the menu, I get the distinct impression that the owners will be forever evolving this wonderful space and menu and will always listen to the customers and endeavour to improve and change. I also spoke to his business partner and daughter, who made a point of coming out to talk to us. 105 has brought Clonskeagh alive. Its open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even coffee and a snack. I would highly recommend this wonderful new eatery and I will be back.


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