Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | August 26, 2012


There are now, thankfully, a large range of establishments in Dublin that provide soya coffees.  Im just outlining a few for your here.

Bewleys Grafton Street

Bewleys is actually the best place in Dublin to have a soya coffee.  The quality and style are excellent.  I only drink decaf and I find their decaf is strong and fresh and has a fantastic aftertaste.  The James Joyce Room on the first floor or The Mezzanine Room are the best places to enjoy their coffee.

The Westbury Hotel

The Westbury does lovely soya coffees but it will cost you 4.50 plus service charge. All the places that provide soya coffee also do soya hot chocolate so my girls can indulge.  Most places just use cocoa powder but Insomnia and Butlers use real chocolate so they are a no no.

Douglas and Caldi Dundrum

This is a lovely spot and a bit of on oasis away from the craziness of the shopping centre, but you have to get a seat in the back of the restaurant in the conservatory part to enjoy the peace.

Cafe Java

This Donnybrook restaurant also does delish lattes, but there cappucino has real chocolate garnished on it.


They always have soya milk and a lot of their soups are vegan too

Wilde N  Green Milltown

This was a great  addition to Milltown when it arrived a few years ago.   A great little gourmet cafe and shop.  Their coffees are lovely but always go cold quickly so ask for your soya coffee extra hot. Its also a 10 minute walk from my house.


Much and all as I hate to promote large franchises, Starbucks do have soya alternatives for all their drinks.

Cafe Clonskeagh Business Park

This is a great little spot, just across from O’Sheas pub.  There is a decking area on the outside and the restaurant is elevated allowing you to enjoy your soya coffee whilst having a nice view of the park.

Right guys, thats enough for you to be going on with,enjoy!!


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