Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | July 6, 2012


Well, the unrelenting rain today drove me to lunch.  I got back from the gym  with my eldest daughter Sarah at 11.30, earlier than usual.  Jessie had to skip tennis in Herbert Park because of same said rain and expressed a desire to slob it out at home alone. Raising no objection to this request, myself and Sarah headed into Acapulco.  The lunch menu is very good value, with prices starting from 5.25 up to 8.50.  Decor in Mexican restaurants is always very colourful and cheerful and being one who is allergic to white walls, wooden kitchens, leather couches and all the brainwashing symmetry that prosperous Ireland brought, I love to go in somewhere rich with colour and an ambience that is not afraid to be fun.  Acapulco is one such place, the bright colours and the earthy wooden furniture give you a taste of Mexico without assaulting your senses.  Sarah and I, both being vegan, were able to adapt the vegi menu quite easily to our needs as the dairy offerings were mostly in the form of condiments via sour cream and cheese etc, which we just changed to salsa.  We ordered a vegi burrito, which was comprised of chilli and mexican rice and tacos which had sweetcorn, roasted peppers and olive salad.  We also ordered a side salad sans dressing and mummy,  predictably enough, had a glass of red wine.  The waitress, as is the norm lately,  enquired if Sarah wanted one too.  She was delighted, even though she does not drink. She has just turned 17 but even without make-up is often mistaken for a college girl.  She is at that wonderful age where it is a compliment to be seen as older. Twill not last for long!.  The burrito was absolutely delicious and very substantial.  The tacos were more sparse but the combination was spot on, buffered up by the delish side salad, mainly composed of salad leaves and Sarah’s amazement at how I can love leaves.  The house wine was nice and the service was very good.  Its a lovely place though I think like most restaurants the evening menu is overpriced.  However, the lunch menu is very reasonable and two mains, side salad and wine came in at 22 euro.  Sarah and I ended our bonding time (having already gone to the gym together in Dartry for body pump) with a decaf soya latte (pour moi!) and a soya hot chocolate in the Mezzanine Room of Bewleys Cafe whilst staring at the umberellad masses going by. Good day and great cheap and cheerful lunch spot. I would like to take this opportunity to thank a store, which I will not name, for overrefunding us last week as one item was returned and they refunded us for both items on the receipt. Cheers lads, lunch was on you!!



  1. I was one of the umbrellad masses huddling beneath canopies or shop doorways yesterday! And I was on Georges Street! I’ve eaten in Acapulco and enjoyed it. : )

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