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I returned to this beautiful restaurant today with my friends from my teens.  We were having a big reunion  with Susan Millward returning home from California and Dorothy Murphy from Kent and Mary Shiel, myself and Caroline O’Neill who are in Dublin.  I had a great day planned out for my friends starting with coffee in the Westbury, lunch here and then up the mountains and back down to the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl.  I knew they would be given a great welcome from the co-owner the wonderful Ive.  We arrived and were greeted very warmly and seated at our lovely table overlooking the Townhouse.  I immediately felt at ease.  Ive came down with some beautiful garlic bread for us to share.  She knows Im vegan so made sure there was no dairy in it.  There are so many options for vegans and vegetarians here and her husband will also make up a dish that is not on the menu, if requested. They also have many gluten free options.

The atmosphere, as usual was amazing and I love the casual but yet elegant ambience in this place.  I ordered the veggie pizza without cheese and it came down crisp and light with shredded vegetables, absolutely delicious.  My friends all ordered pasta dishes and they were all delighted with the flavours and texture of their meal.  Ive recommended the Chianti and my friend Susan who lives in the wine region of California in Sonoma was the happy guinea pig who tested the wine for us.  The wine was gorgeous.  We had a beautiful lunch and soaked in the music and atmosphere therein.  After a while, Ive pointed to a plaque on the wall of an award that the restaurant had achieved and as I was congratulating her she told me it was down to me.  I was quite surprised so she elaborated that Paolo Tullio had come in to the restaurant with a copy of my blog in his hand and tried it out and the subsequent award was given. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather, the fact that Paolo read my blog and decided to go along to review the restaurant on the basis of it was such a compliment to me.  I was truly delighted.

This is the most amazing family run authentic Italian Restaurant in Ireland and the prices are so affordable with main courses starting from 8.50.  Please drop along and treat yourself to a culinary feast with amazing service and flair and tell Ive I sent you, you will be made so welcome and I assure you it will be on the list of your favourite Dublin restaurants from thereonin.  Extremely highly recommended.





I went here today with my family, hubbie John and my girls Sarah and Jessie.  This restaurant is set at the very top floor of Powerscourt with lovely views of the centre and a glass roof that makes it feel practically like dining Al Fresco.  The Proprietor Ivanise Lucci and I have been friends on facebook and I had been meaning to try this restaurant out for a while.  So on a sunny bank holiday Saturday we set off.

From the moment we walked in to the restaurant we were made feel so welcome and Ivanise came over and introduced herself.  We arrived just after 5, the restaurant takes last orders at 6.  It was nice and full when we arrived and a table had been reserved for us.  Jessie was just back from a sleepover and didn’t feel like ordering pizza or pasta so she ordered soup and a salad.  Three out of four of us are vegan, Jessie still being vegetarian but eating mostly vegan.  I had checked in advance and the pizza bases were vegan and many of the pasta dishes were as well as was the soup.

John, Sarah and I ordered vegetarian pizzas without cheese and asked for chilli oil and black pepper.  The chilli oil is a great alternative to the cheese and is very flavoursome without swamping the pizza as cheese does.  Ivanise’s husband also runs the  restaurant and their daughter was working there today, and it really does have a fabulous family feel to it.  Whilst Jessie ate her soup, we had some deliciously fresh ciabatta bread that was tasty and light. Our pizzas duly arrived and they were so rustic, very authentically Italian, light and crispy.  The vegetables were abundant and we noticed lovely little touches like grated courgette so nothing felt clumpy.  The chilli oil tasted so homemade and had a very strong chilli flavour as opposed to many restaurant’s where the oil takes over and the chilli is sparse.  Ivanise bought us down the house red which she said was lighter than chianti but similar in taste.  It was absolutely fabulous, fabulously smooth but strong with a delicious aftertaste.  I have to say Im not normally a lover of Italian wine, I usually find it a little weak in taste and generally prefer the bite of Argentinian or Chilean wines, but this was right on the mark.

The prices were so reasonable.  The pizzas were only 8.50 each and the house wine, which, as I said, tasted a lot more expensive than a normal house wine, was only 16.50 for a bottle.  The soup was 3.50 and the large caprese salad was only 5 euro.  We had a meal for four with wine for a mere 50 euro.  It really was like a taste of Tuscany in the city.  It felt like walking into a restaurant in Italy and having the family look after you.  It was simply amazing.  I would highly recommend this restaurant on every level, food, affordability, service and friendliness.  I cannot wait to go back. Thank you so much Ivanise and family for your amazing hospitality.



  1. When we visit (one day soon, I hope) we must go here…but we must also go to some corny tourists, spots, too, can we?

    • Of course we can Peggy, I did a bit of tackarama with my friends last week and it was great fun though the Literary Pub crawl was really worth doing. I would defo bring you on the traditional music pub crawl and have a wee trip up the mountains. Looking forward to it, if Im not too exhausted from being in the film adaptation of your best seller!!. xx

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