Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | April 30, 2012


Little Caesars is a lovely Italian restaurant with outlets in Harcourt Street and Chatham Place and  Terenure.  Their lunch special is excellent value, with starters and desserts at 2.50 and main courses at 6.95.  Since we have gone vegan there are a lot of Italian Restaurants we can no longer go to because they have dairy in their pasta and pizzas. Little Caesars uses all fresh pastas so they do contain egg but their pizza bases are vegan, so we were able to order a vegetarian pizza without cheese.  I have found the addition of black pepper and chilli oil more than makes up for the lack of cheese. There is always a very pleasant atmosphere in the restaurant and the staff are always courteous and helpful.  It has now become a tradition for my family of four to head there on Christmas Eve afternoon for a nice bustling christmas atmosphere and waiters who will sing along to various christmas songs with the clientelle.  The day we went in was a rainy Friday afternoon and it was a very pleasant break from the dismal weather and the bustle of the city.  A lot of places doing lunch specials let the side down by keeping their wine prices high, but Little Caesars amend their lunch time/early evening menu accordingly with a glass of house red selling for a very reasonable 3 euro per glass and 12.50 per bottle.  Their pizzas are lightly based and delicious with an abundance of fresh vegetables. Highly recommended for quality, atmosphere,  friendliness and value, with a main course plus a glass of wine coming in at 9.95.  Check it out, one of the best value Italian Eateries in town.  This offer is on from 12 – 5 Monday – Saturday.



  1. Nice little review Susan. Sounds great. I hope you paid for it. 😀

    • Well, I was reading your first comment and I thought “Jesus, I know Im broke but does Strum thinking Im walking out of Restaurants without paying!?!!. That could happen Strum in the near future!!. Unfortunately I dont get paid for it, there does not appear to be a demand for vegan food reviewers, such a shame.

  2. Sorry I meant GET paid for it. :))

  3. I feel hungry now! Great report!

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