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I have oft bemoaned the fact that we are not more like the continent and do not have fully licensed al fresco dining.  I think back to my holidays in Greece, Croatia and Montenegro amongst others and have fond memories of sipping a pint al fresco outside lovely taverns by the sea or in cities. Yes, I know most places do small bottles of beer, but they are the same price as a pint and do not last very long.

Over the years when we have gone into town with the kids and want to take a break for refreshments I have sought out unusual places where the kids can have a bite and we can have a pint.  Heres a snippet of some of them same said places.

Busy Feet and Coco Cafe:

This is located on one of my favourite streets in the capital, South William Street, hindered albeit in its elegance by a few adult shops along the route.  There are many restaurants along here.  Busy Feet is a lovely cafe with beautiful food and yes does serve pints of beer.  You can eat inside or out and there is a tremendous buzz to the place. At night,  there is no problem sitting outside just ordering a pint, and they will also give you a complimentary dish of olives.

James Joyce Room Bewleys Cafe

Another little gem of a place on Grafton Street.  The downstairs and Mezzanine area are usually full but if you take the lift up to the first floor, you will usually get a seat here.  What I love about this place is the sense of history in this fabulous bright room and the fact that there is a small outside space, a little bigger than a ledge where you can sit out and people watch and listen to the street artists.

The Loft Cafe and Bookshop Middle Abbey Street:

Another arty little haunt that I adore.  There is a restaurant downstairs and a tiny bookshop upstairs that has been the venue of a few book launches and literary cafes that I have attended recently.  The downstairs cafe has a tremendous array of beers and wines.

Harvey Nicks Cocktail Bar:

With so few venues in Dundrum and the ones that are there, not very interesting, this is a nice place to pop into for a pint.  During the boom years, it was over populated with the nouveau riche but of late, it is generally quiet and there is no problem getting a seat and the TV is never on high, which suits someone with my sport allergy!.

The Foyer Westbury Hotel:

Oops almost forgot the Westbury.  If its very packed they will reserve it for afternoon tea only, but generally you can get a seat in the foyer, much nicer than the bar and the piano playing etc.  Ok, its more expensive, but you do tend to sip your pint of cappuccino (yes they do soya cappucinos there as well, so does Bewleys).  Right, Im off to town to find somewhere nice for an alfresco pint!.



Right, just a few ideas for you to try.  Wish there were more places like these around. Enjoy!.



  1. Great little reviews Susan. Well written. Cool! Might see you in one of those places sometime. Cheers.

    • Thanks Strum. Will do. Maybe some Saturday afternoon.

  2. Thank you always good to know all the cool places to go without fecking around. Now alls I gotta do is gerrup de yard to dubland

    • Ah Peadar, ya do lad, you know ya love it really. Love Dublin and exploring the unusual haunts is my mission.

  3. Great choices Susan, I might even frequent one of them today.

    • do darling, its a beautiful day, going to be hard to try and get some outside space. Talk to you later. xx

  4. Sigh, I do like the sound of the Harvey Nicks cocktail bar, I didnt know it was there….. But since I cant get from home to Dundrum without my car, I am doomed to never enjoy it as it ought to be enjoyed….. with something yummy and alcoholic!

    • ah darling, never say never, what a beautiful day, must stop folding knickers and get out of the house!!

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