Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | February 2, 2012


Last Friday a friend of mine Jacqui put up a post saying ABBA were reforming to produce a new song.  Anyway, we all started to get nostalgic and post up ABBA songs and dedicating them to friends.  I decided after a glass of red wine that it would be a really good idea to have an Online Abba Party that night at 9.00 o clock.  Id had an online party before and it was almost as exhausting as the real thing, passing around virtual drinks and canapes and introducing people who “came through the door, but such fun that I was still roaring laughing at the creative posts the next morning”.


The party turned out to be great fun and loads of my friends turned up and started talking to each other online.  I, of course, for the purposes of the virtual party, had a huge house with stables and a swimming pool and everyone was drinking cocktails and going crazy.  It was great fun.  The next morning I noticed that a lot of my friends, who had previously not been connected on FB had hooked up and were sending each other messages to respective walls saying what fun they had last night and good to meet you etc.


My friend Madeleine Forrest commented that we were great at getting people together and sure we could almost run our own dating agency.  Suddenly, the penny dropped and we both thought why not?  A few of the girls had been asking were there any nice men at the party etc, so we decided, seeing as we were so successful at matching up friends, we would take it a step further and try and get some love in the air!.  We have set up application forms, quite skeletal forms with basic information and we have made the point that we are just setting up introductions so people can connect on FB and get to know each other and if they choose to meet in a public place and have a chat and take it from there, all the better.


I have put a category on the form for Interests.  You know when I was younger in my teens and twenties and I went out with guys, it was a case of they were attracted to you and you to them and that was it.  With the passage of time,  I realise how important it is to have common interests as well as interests apart.  For instance, I love going to book launches, poetry readings, plays and eating out and drinking good wine.  So if I had made a life with some guy that I thought was gorgeous but was sitting watching Sky Sports every night and guzzling beer and wasn’t bothered going out, the relationship would have certainly deteriorated very quickly.  In fact, the last guy I went out with before my husband made me realise that there was no point in me going out with someone who was so limited.  I had known this guy for years. We used to have a laugh and a chat in the local pub and over the years I had definitely backed away from the possibility of a relationship with him.  I thought he was very nice but knew he was just interested in going to the local pub and watching football etc.  Anyway, in a moment of madness we got together one christmas and went out together for a few months. At the end of which, I finished with him for all the reasons that I didn’t think it would work out in the first place.  I was 28 at that stage and even though I was in no hurry to get married, and wasn’t even sure if I  ever wanted to get  married, because up till this everyone I had met had been great for a while and then I would realise it was time to finish it, and I wondered was that going to be a lifelong habit for me.  Maybe I just wasn’t the type to commit to someone for life, maybe the very notion of this was a bad idea.  Unbeknowns to myself, I had already met my future husband.  We had actually been unwittingly introduced a few weeks before I went out with the local boy, by a mutual friend of ours.  We liked each other instantly. In fact, I looked across the bar of O’Dwyers Pub in Leeson Street when he walked in with my friend and thought “nice”! We had a good laugh and a few drinks, but through circumstances, we did not meet up for a while later.  That was almost 22 years and 2 kids ago. We were at a poetry launch last night and it crossed my mind again how important it is to be able share these moments that you both enjoy so much. I met a couple a while ago at a friend’s house that had met through a badminton club 20 years, after both their respective partners had died, and never expected to find love again.  They were so happy together, it was a joy to watch.  Look, people could tick all the boxes and have loads of common interests and meet up and have no chemistry or even dislike each other on sight.  There is no telling when it comes to attraction, but I do feel the older you get the more important it is to have a partner that you can enjoy life with on so many levels, rather than having a relationship, where you both lead seperate lives.  Some people live like that or just marry for money, but I think its terrible to waste your life with someone you don’t adore and who doesn’t adore you.  Love and romance are vital to happiness.


So Madeleine and I have set up this Introductory Agency, provisionally entitled “MaddieSue” (have to talk to Madeleine later and see if she likes the name).  We are asking people to fill in application forms and trying to introduce them to suitable partners.  We would ask that only single people apply please and no messers, thanks very much.  The problem with a lot of people is that they meet someone either online or in real life and soon find out they are not available. It can be very disappointing for them so we are only trying to introduce single people, whether they become friends, lovers or never want to see each other again, that is up to them, but at least they are starting off with the same relationship status.


We are confining this to myself and Madeleine’s pages and we are not going to personally vouch for anyone unless we actually do know them personally.  There are people on FB I know personally, friends of friends, people I have never met and people I have met on FB that I have gone on to meet in real life, so there are many different categories.  I have to say it has been a very positive life enhancing experience for me and I have re-connected with so many old friends and met so many new, and I would love to think there are some people amongst my friends who are looking to meet someone and they are on my or Madeleine’s page.  It could happen.  Meeting people in bars or nightclubs is difficult.  So give it a go, anyone single who wants to meet someone, and start off on FB getting to know them, please message me or Madeleine and ask for an application form.  I have already sent out some forms and Madeleine has already set up a date, so come on, be brave, be optimistic, give it a go, you never know…..



  1. Great piece Susan. Bravo girl and shine on…

    • Ah lads, as usual, no applications from men, Peadar, I know you are taken!!. Strum, what about yourself??

      • I’m happily single for the last 10 years thank you. :O))

  2. Great idea Susan.Good for you!

  3. I’m very happily single for the past ten years or so thank you. :O))

    • Yeah right, see you at the virtual launch on Thursday!

  4. Oop’s double posted.

  5. Shame Strum, no men have signed up yet!

  6. I’m in!

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