Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | October 24, 2011


Went to see Midnight in Paris yesterday on a cold wet Sunday afternoon, went in grumpy and came out cossetted and happy bathed in the afttermath of the film.   Its a simple story, Gill (Owen Wilson) goes to Paris with his annoying fiance Inez and her right wing tea party republican parents.  Whilst there, they meet a couple they know from home.  Michael Sheen plays the over-bearing know all in the couple with conviction.  Gill is a Hollywood screen writer hack who dreams of being a writer in Paris.  His fiance does not share his enthusiasm for Paris or creativity. Its quite evident from the onset that the attraction is purely physical and they do not have much in common.  One night he goes off for a walk alone in Paris after midnight and is transported via an old car full of revellers into 1920’s Paris, wherein he meets a host of characters including Scott and Zelda Fizgerald, Gaughan, Dali and Gertrude Stein and a bohemian creative woman that he falls in love with.  The film does not take itself too seriously and there are times when some of the characters like Dali are OTT, but its all good fun.  He makes a habit of walking alone in Paris after midnight and meeting up with these characters every night. There are times, however, when Wilson is practically impersonating Woody Allen and I found that a little grating, although he is always watchable.

The film is a slow gentle lullaby to Paris and the artists that lived and live therein.  The music is seductive.  If you like action films, this is not for you, but if,  like me,  you like a film that laps gently at the waves rather than crashing into the rocks, this is for you.  My daughters cannot wait to see Paris after seeing this film and I need a re-visit and I certainly will revisit this movie.



  1. It doesn’t sound like my kind of movie to be honest, unless the conversations with Dali,et al are very interesting. Sounds like a good concept though.

    • I really liked it, but could also see how other people wouldn’t in the sense that it was so laidback and it wasnt an original idea, but it really seduced me in. I thought the girls might be a little bored but they loved it. Go on, go and see it and tell me what you think!!. I thought the Guard was overall disappointing, thought I loved it n parts and everyone else loved it, so what do I know??!!

  2. Sounds like just what I need-a good movie and a trip to Paris!

    • Yeah, it was like a movie and a trip to Paris in one, I want to go back to both!!

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