Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | July 17, 2011


I was looking forward to this movie as I love Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle.  From the onset, the film was very self-consciously Irish.  The amount of time the word “fuck” was used in the first few minutes was incredible. I have no problem with bad language, but like all language it has to be used to good effect.  It just got really boring.  Galway was depicted as a backwater with the usual keystone corrupt cops with a hard drinking cynical cop at its helm, and any reference to Dublin insinuated a big mean city.   Brendan Gleeons’s character was never fleshed out and we were treated to a few moments of him with his mother in a nursing home in order to give the character some heart.  Generally, we just got the impression of a hard drinking cynical guy with a penchant for prostitutes, who seemed to have more integrity, in ways, than his colleagues. The racism was another attempt at humour that didnt work for me.  Again, the message was that all Irish people are inheritely racist and unsophisticated.  Im not, and I found this message rather grating.  Then there was unlikely “buddy movie” element where it was obvious from the onset that Don and Brendan were going to get over their difficulties and become friends of sorts.  The three “baddies” in the case executed themselves well and there were some good moments via the little kid who was fascinated by police work and Fionnuala Flanagan being her usual brilliant self as his mother.  Im tired of Irish films that push the “oirish” angle and make Ireland look like gombeenland.  The Runway did a bit of that but had a charm and intelligence and heart that this film simply didnt have.  Well worth missing.



  1. ah Feic! We’re going to night – an antidote to an afternoon of HP woith me smallies. I love Gleeson and I love McDonagh’s brother’s work – I also love Galway and was looking forward to it. Not to worry – now my expectations are lowered and tempered with doubt!

    • Hey Evelyn, you will have to do your follow up review seeing as you did actually like the film. Sorry, I forget my password and email on this so I dont get notification of comments (well I do but I havent a feckin clue where they are). So, sorry if Im late replying. x

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