Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | June 13, 2011


I have been meaning to revisit this place for years.  However, there is only one public transport bus that goes up here, a 44b that only travels a few times a day.  There is, however, now an express bus that runs from a few venues in town at around 6.30 in the evenings that will take you up at night and collect at last orders (check out for same. We decided to go up last Friday afternoon.  We got a 3.30 bus from outside Dundrum Luas station and the last bus home which was at 6.oo that evening.  I couldnt believe how quickly the vista changed and we were up the winding mountain roads in a few minutes.  The journey itself was fascinating.  Johnnie Foxes is known as the highest pub in Ireland.  We arrived at our destination in less that 30 minutes and it really was like being in the middle of the country.


The pub istelf does cater to tourists and its a bit OTT, but fascinating at the same time, full of nooks and crannies, old fireplaces with items of clothing hung off them, loads of quirky signs around the place, and full of tourists.  They day we were there, they were mostly American.  The place has its own charm though and is well worth seeing.  They have live music on every night and at weekend afternoons. Im bringing some friends up there from the UK in a few weeks so I was casing the joint out in advance.  There is a small bar seating area to both sides of the bar, but most of the place is taken up with dining spaces.  There is also a banqueting room where a Hooley Night goes on, which consists of a four course meal, music and dancing.  It is advisable to book for dinner.  Myself and my husband were just having a pint and my eldest daughter had banoffe pie and my youngest vegetable soup.  The girls were very happy with their food.  We were entranced listening to the tourists and soaking up the vibe of the place.  The outside space is also lovely but alas, the sun did not start shining that day until we were leaving.  The journey back down to Dundrum was even quicker and took only 20 minutes.  Well worth a visit, I cant wait to go back in a few weeks time.



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