Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | June 5, 2011


This restaurant is on a side street in Temple Bar just across from Oliver St John Gogarty’s “Oirish” Bar.  In an area where hen and stag parties and carbo rich, overpriced eateries reign supreme, this is a fabulous little oasis.  We have been going here for a few years now and always return for family meals.  Seeing as we did not have our Friday lunch this week and we were going to a few exhibitions with our girls (see other blogs for same) I thought it would be a nice way to end our day.  La Gondola does a special lunch 7 days a week from 12 – 5.  Its 7.95 for main courses and 3.50 for a glass of wine and 12.50 for a bottle.  The food is absolutely fantastic and the portions are too.  There is a huge range of courses on the 7.95 menu.  Today we ordered two penne paesanna (pasta with a creamy tomato sauce and stir fried vegetables) one pizza funghi and one pizza with spinach and mushrooms.  This is a great place to sit outside (with only a few junkies disturbing you!!) or inside with lovely comfy cushioned seats.  The staff are always very friendly and accommodating and the food is uniformly good.  I found out very early in our tenure here that the staff do not get the tips, so I always make sure to stuff a fiver in their pockets as I have to say this is a practise that I find infuriating.  4 main courses and a bottle of wine for 44 euro, very good value, but look after the staff too.



  1. I’m gonna give La Gondola a go this week based on your review! Cheers. J

    • Hiya June, Sorry only saw this now, not very good on the blogosphere and dont get my email alerts cos I cant remember my feckin password!!. Did you try La Gondola?

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