Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | June 5, 2011


Visited this exhibition today in the lovely Chester Beatty Library.  Keep walking by Dublin Castle,  take a right, and through a little alcove, past wonderful gardens and you are into the Chester Beatty Library.  The Matisse exhibition on the first floor is a small exchibition of his art books, many done in the latter stages of his life.  I loved this exchibition.  The black and white drawings were so sensual with a fantastic flow and movement and the coloured drawings (particularly the jazz artbook) were fantastically vibrant and eye-catching.  I love his work.  My daughters, who are avid art students, were less impressed and found his work simplistic.  I think he was extremely innovative for his time and its easy to look back now and see it in a certain way, but I think he really had something different to say and I still love his work. As is the case with most things I attend, admission is fee.   A coffee or a bite in The Silk Road Cafe afterwards is advisable where my pal Ibrahim runs a fabulous eatery.


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