Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | May 27, 2011


Headed in here today for our cheapie Friday lunch.  Love this street, despite a few lap dancing clubs and sex shops (which I will not be reviewing, sorry’!!) it has an abundance of eateries with al fresco dining and is always buzzing.  The Port House does a Rapido lunch deal of 2 tapas with wine for a tenner.  The interior is desceptively spacious and has a cavernous wine bar feel to it, dimly lit with candles on the tables and lovely little nooks and crannies.  Just the tonic on a breezy wet Friday in Dublin.  I was actually feeling quite hungry after working out for five days in the gym (I know, Im brilliant!!) and eating very little, so I was afraid the tapas would be a little polite.  I needn’t have worried, they were substantial.  We ordered four different tapas to share, veg stew with manchenga cheese, potatoes bravas (spiced tomato sauce), spanish omelette and vegetable paella.  All the dishes were very tasty.  The stew had a fabulous flavour and the paella was gorgeous, garnished with slices of lemon.  The omelette was delicous, nice and moist with a fabulous onion flavour to it and the potatoes were lovely and firm and the sauce nice and spicy.  This was washed down with a delicious glass of house wine.  We asked for some bread and oil to accompany the tapas and this came free of charge.  A fabulous little  oasis in the middle of the bustling city.  Very highly recommended.  Rapido lunch is available Monday – Friday from 12 – 4. Really well worth a visit.



  1. I usually steer clear of tapas. Firstly because the portions are tiny (and I don’t have a big appetite) and secondly because any I’ve encountered are parma ham and salami. You sound like you got a great selection. I’ll give this place a go next time I’m in town.

    • Yes Frances (aka Pamela!!) myself and John went to Harvey Nicks one night for tapas and wine. i think it was 3 tapas and wine for 12 euro, well I wasnt hungry going in, but starving going out!!. I dont have a big appetite either but jesus, the portions were so tiny, it wasnt funny. I also went for the tapas option in Salamanca Parliament St once and it was a big mistake. No, after Porterhouse, we said if we were going for tapas, this is the place. The ambience is also lovely. Enjoy (P.S. Try to avoid going into the sex shops and the lap dancing places en route!).

  2. Thanks for the advice Susan – too late!!!! hahah

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