Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | May 13, 2011


Well today’s cheap but cheerful Friday  lunch (a definite requisite, has to be both)  was had in La Taverna, just over the Millennium Bridge, in one of my favourite spots on the earth, The Italian Quarter.  We decided to partake of their excellent lunch deal of any pasta, pizza or rissotto dish with a glass of wine for 10 euro (the wine is mandatory!).  We ordered one pizza with aubergine, courgette, onions and mushrooms and a pasta dish with lashings of broccolli and chilli and decided to share both.  Complimentary bread arrived before our main courses accompanied with olive oil.  The pasta and pizza dishes were gorgeous, the pizza was very rustic and light based with loads of vegetables, just the way we like it, and the pasta had so much broccolli and chilli,  it was mouthwateringly delicious. The house wine was lovely and smooth with a nice bite and aftertaste to it.  At the price of 20 euro for two, it was fantastic value and the quality was top notch.  Highly recommended.  We went down to my beloved Cows Lane (end of Temple Bar near Christchurch) to Queen of Tarts for a decaf latte and onto IMMA on the LUAS for free  Philip Tafffe exhibtion.  Great day out for very little money.



  1. Great blog – I must go in and try La Taverna. I’ve never been there before and I presume they cater to the carnivores amongst us too. Bringing bread to the table without charge impressed me – on the continent I usually refuse it because the price is added in to the bill even though I wasn’t given an option! You should do another review of the the Philip Taafe exhibition…

    • Yeah Frances, thats another day’s work, must post up some reviews of the art exhibitions, been to Freda Kahlo later and another guy whose name I will have to look up that makes art out of disused oil cans, brilliant stuff, and yes loads of stuff for you cruel carnivores in La Taverna too!!.

      • Cruel carnivores! Susan you can’t alienate half your audience! haha. I’d love to read about the art exhibitions. It’d be great to know what was going on and whether it’s worth the trip.

      • Only allienating half cos ive only two followers so far and one is a veggie! Have a look at my latest overview and happy Friday. xx

  2. But you’ve hundreds peeking from the sidelines! ; )
    Will be working all weekend so not such a happy friday but I like the notion of one – Happy Friday to you too Susan- will check out today’s overview. x

    • Cheers hon. John working 2moro and I will do a few hours from home, but its still the weekend, yipee!!. xxx

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