Posted by: susanjcaldwell28 | May 10, 2011


Fallon and Byrne is a lovely gourmet shop with a cafe for casual eating on the ground floor, a wine bar in the basement and a beautiful restaurant on the first floor.  It is deemed to be good but expensive.  However, a lot of  people dont realise that the first floor restaurant has the exact same menu as the cafe with the same prices.  Lunch begins from 6 euro.  The upstairs restaurant is airy and spacious but has a regal air to it, and I would much prefer to be up there with the white tablecloths and the waiters than carrying a tray in a busy cafe.  My husband and I went there a few months ago for our cheapie Friday lunch.  We are trying to find places that are cheap but upmarket for a bite on Friday.  This restaurant was right on the button.  Their pasta dishes are 7 euro for small and 12 for big.  I much prefer this option as I hate big plates of food.  I ordered pasta with an avocado sauce with vegetables, my husband ordered a creamy funghi pasta both 7 euro.  Both dishes were deliciously delicate and ample in portion size.  The house wine at 5 euro a glass was delicious too.  The atmosphere is lovely and the staff are wonderful.  For the price of eating in a cafe, you can have true restaurant quality, style and flair, highly recommended.



  1. Another F&B tip is that you can buy ‘eat in’ lunch at the deli on the ground floor (salads are very cheap, I’ve often got a large bowl for around €5) and take it to the wine bar in the basement which they’ve no problem with you doing. The fruit & veg to buy is also awesome, loose veg much cheaper than the packeted variety. Love that place, but the wine bar downstairs gets unbearably noisy when full.

    • Yeah, I think the restaurant is my favourite, its so relaxed and bright and very reasonable if you just order the small portions, which are plenty big. Its amazing how many good places now are offering great value, cos they have to to get the punters in.

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